Recommend revising system for reporting bugs

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NOTE: If you experience a bug or an issue, STOP . Search through our Known Issue page or reach out to our support team via your Studio workspace, who will be able to report this to the right team. This is the quickest and easiest way to report issues, and ensures we’re able to track them. (You’ll also be able to track the progress of your ticket through your Wix Studio Workspace.

Two days ago I came across a possible bug. (If I upload a single-color vector to use with a Button, I am unable to change the color in Hover state.) I submitted a request for support. A ticket was created. The team member replied with questions but then closed the ticket the next day, before I could respond. This morning, in an attempt to submit a new ticket, I was only given the option for a Call Back. I tried again and was given the option to Chat. I ended up speaking with 4 different people. I had to explain the same issue repeatly. Each of them kept asking me to stay on chat as they looked into the issue. I was on chat for 2 hours.

All I wanted to do was inform the Team about a possible bug. If the current system is the only way to report the Team about possible bugs, I will be less likely to do so if it is not a major issue because it is way to time consuming. It would be more efficient if you create a way for Partners to report possible bugs without it taking up a lot of time. You could create an option in the current Customer Support process. Or, create a Category in the Forum where people can report possible bugs, knowing they won’t get a response but the Team will look into it.

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@deerheart27 The frustration with the time the bug report took is understandable, so we’re grateful you took even more time to reach out to us here to help us improve. You’re right about the forum, its purpose is for discussion while our current system is set up so that we can keep a close eye on every bug report. This helps our teams pinpoint, fix, and track issues faster.
The feedback here has been noted, and it will contribute to the ongoing efforts of improving processes without losing track of important details.

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