Recurring booking subscription

Hi, I’m a music teacher who wants to host all bookings and payments through my wix website. My clients have the same day/time each week (with the occasional change).

To save massive admin time on both ends, I want clients to be able to manage their bookings and set them up as a recurring booking for as long as they want.

How can I achieve this? I know it’s been in the wix future updates for several years. I am comfortable to code something with help as I know basic code.

I’d like clients to be able to have their card automatically charged each week so long as I mark my client as present (in the bookings calendar). Clients also need to be able to change their time if they need to before 24hrs of their next appointment.

I’d greatly appreciate any advice you can offer as I’m struggling to come up with a work around and I don’t want to have to pay for several 3rd party subscriptions to get this to work when there’s a bookings app integrated in wix (just needs some updates!)



Jack …
I too, am a music teacher who has been waiting for this feature since 2019. It seems so basic doesn’t it ?
I have 60 weekly clients who I manage on google calendar, and then sync - but, exactly as you said, means they cannot manage their bookings through the site!!
Sorry I can’t be any help but to let you know I feel your pain.

I own a cleaning business and have 5-8 clients that get the same exact time every day biweekly and can’t believe they don’t add this feature either! I could really use it right now especially about to have a baby and I have to sit here and manually enter over 6 people for one day out 6 months. so lame isn’t it. I’m sure you guys don’t feel like researching different platforms that do offer it due to that also being a pain in the butt. Am I right??

Another music school owner here, wishing for the same feature. I can’t use Wix for my bookings because of this–with 100 students and 3 teachers, it is just way too much work to enter every single lesson, every single week! And I can’t expect my students to enter every single one of their appointments either. It seems like recurring appointments should be an essential part of a bookings platform. Please add this feature, Wix!

As for workarounds, I’m afraid I don’t have a magic bullet. I use a combination of my own homemade database, Google calendar, and lots and lots of emails to students confirming their lesson dates and times!

I don’t know about other countries, but in Brazil classes usually are regular and monthly paid.

Really missing this feature in Wix. Does anyone know where is this feature request/wishlist?

I run a trash collection service and have the same issue. I’m eliminating my Wix site because without this feature it offers little value. I hope they add this in the future.

You know what, this is absolutely awful from Wix, isnt it ? I’m moving to Wordpress specifically because this feature is STILL not available. What a basic, obvious feature for something (i’m not a coder, but I would imagine it’s incredibly easy for a company of Wix’s side to implement this)

Awful oversight !

Thanks for the service, Wix. (See my comment on this post from 2020 … cringe that it hasn’t been added tbh)

Wordpress !

Thanks Justin - see my reply above

Another music teacher here, really wishing Wix would get it together already. How has this still not been addressed?

Hello everyone,

I’m a Product Manager from Wix Bookings, and I’d like to provide an update on recurring appointments for our platform.

Firstly, I want to thank you all for your valuable feedback. We understand that allowing clients to book recurring appointments is a much-requested feature, and I’m pleased to inform you that it is indeed on our radar. We have added it to our backlog and are actively considering its implementation.

To show your support for this feature and help us prioritize it, please take a moment to vote for it using the following link: Link to the feature request

In the meantime, I’d like to share some good news!
While we work on the recurring appointments for clients, we have introduced a related functionality that will make things easier for users. You can now create repeated sessions on a weekly basis directly from the bookings calendar. This will enable you to offer recurring appointments without the need to book multiple sessions separately.

For more details on how to set up these repeated sessions, please refer to the following support article: Link to the support article

Your continued support and feedback are invaluable to us as we strive to enhance the Wix Bookings experience.

Thank you,
Rom Lampel
PM from Wix Bookings