Recurring Emails

Maybe a dumb question. Is there way to schedule an auto recurring email marketing campaign? We have clients who want to send weekly/monthly reminder emails to certain contacts under specific labels. Since the content doesn’t change the same email can go out.

We know that automations can be used but the triggers are limited and don’t seem to apply to this situation. What are we missing? :roll_eyes:

Let’s see if this is possible. I’ll tap a product expert for you! :slight_smile:

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Steven, again…thanks so much!

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Hi Ed, apologies for the delay! A Product Expert will look into this and get back to you with an update as soon as possible.

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Appreciate it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Ed,

Currently, it is not possible to assign emails to be set every so often.

The best solution for this scenario would be to duplicate the Email Campaign and manually send or schedule the campaign to be sent at a particular time.

I understand the importance of this feature and will be forwarding your feedback to our product team. :grin:

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Randy, thanks for your reply. Yes, that’s what we’ve been doing. I’m glad we found the best workaround. And thanks for passing on the feedback. Our clients would appreciate this feature. :sunglasses:

There is another workaround:,and%20when%20to%20run%20it.

Using Job Scheduling, your email in ‘Triggered Email’ can be reused. (So you need to add the ascend email into the Triggered Email again (by recreate it, same editor, takes you little bit time)

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Hi Ed,

Feel free to DM me. I’d be happy to share an example of how I’ve accomplished this inside of Wix without code. To be sure I’m understanding, it might be helpful to dive deeper into exactly what you need. We can jump on a call so that I can learn more and provide a demo.

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