RECURRING ISSUE: Can't Connect Media Gallery Field to Dynamic Page

How do you connect a media gallery field in the database to a gallery on your dynamic page?

I have followed the instructions here: . The media gallery is not showing up as a dataset. Am I doing something wrong? Is anyone else experiencing issues with this? I feel like it might be a bug, because this has always worked before.

I have same problem, The media gallery connect option disappear!!! Please fix the problem.

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Oh, thank goodness… It’s not just me! This is a serious issue that Wix needs to address. Admins, please help!

I’m sorry to keep posting here, but this is a serious issue that I cannot get anyone to address. I have reached out on the forums, I have spent an hour on the phone with Wix Support, and I have submitted a support ticket. No one is listening.

This morning I started from scratch with a brand new website. I created a simple database with a title field and a media gallery. When I went to connect it to a gallery on a page, again following the exact instructions set forth by Wix, the Media Gallery dataset does not appear as an option.

Also, on my active site, all of the galleries that I had previously connected to my media gallery fields no longer show the Media Gallery field as an option under the dataset dropdown. Luckily, the galleries are still functioning, but this is NOT NORMAL.

Please, if there are moderators reading this, there is a significant problem here that cannot be ignored. Other users are experiencing it, as well.

@dk_chow , Wix Support was able to resolve this issue. It is working for me now.