I can not connect video source from a dataset

Hello, i see that wix recently added the video source for dataset collections. That’s nice, just a problem, when i try connect the field “video” in the wix pro gallery (for example), is not possible cause only let me connect image, url, description and tittle, no video. Is the galery pro come on, don’t have sense don’t let me put videos lol. Another thing, how can i add filters like search by categories in the Gallery Wix Pro?

If i wanna show every video with a embeddable code, and a comment box per page, i must to create a dynamic page right? Still i have problems with dynamic pages. I mean, i can not connect a embed element or a app market pluging to a dataset item. Why is so difficult make this possible? I must to create thousand of pages for show every comment box and embbeded video in every page? Also what is the problem with wix that won’t let go to full screen embedded video sources? Everyone talk about that problem in another forums like reddit lol.

Please be honest about this, i must to wait for this features, some problemas have solution or must to go to wordpress?

same as, and considering this post is 2 years old i take it this hasn’t been resolved. I was trying to do this today. If those features are not doable, then why include them, or allow the them to be edited inside the dataset? i.e select field type as a ‘media gallery’, upload gallery images, when this cant be done using the dynamic page/s. seems silly. I’m so glad i didn’t list more than 50 items, edit and upload needed files and such, only to find out they don’t work. i could of wasted hours!. Oh, videos do not work either, just in case anyone reading this is trying to do the same thing.