Hi, i search online on for information about repeaters. There is a style I wanted to replicate, but i totally don’t understand how repeaters can help me replicate what i’m looking for.

if you go on the redbull website =>, the buttons that are there, if you click on it, there are new things that will show up. This is what i’m trying to replicate, can someone please explain to me how i can do this?


Hi Delali,

Welcome to the Wix Code forum.

Please explain in more detail what you are trying to accomplish. I looked at the redbull site don’t know what it is you want.


Hello Delali,

To replicate a style you have to add a repeater then change the style of it’s items. Connect the repeater to a Database to display different content on each item.

Here’s how you can do that:


Hi Yisrael

This is what i’m trying to replicate.

when you click on top stories or the others, you get to see other things than actually going to a whole new page.

I hope you understand what i mean now.