Reply to Avishai Abrahami's post

In reply to Wix’s ceo in his post:

I have been an everyday Wix user for the past 8+ years and now a proud company share holder. I have seen Wix outperform and put Wordpress to shame and build projects that no one thought were possible on Wix.

If Wix wants to completely obscure Wordpress, it needs to understand the demographic it is starting to attract and deal with the burned-up Wordpress guys. Wix needs to give its EditorX members complete control over their website and allow exporting to offsite hosting services, have direct access to backconnect files, and setting their own ToS (that may conflict with Wix’s). I want to work on creating large platforms with EditorX and be able to host hundreds of thousands of users, but this isn’t possible.

You claim in your blog that you allow users to export to other hosts and have not prevented it, but Wix does not offer any such services itself , and didn’t have a liking to services like “RipAds” that did exactly that with no plugin issues. I understand not wanting to lose customers, but if Wix claims to be offering a software, then what is the issue if users will still continue to pay to build and edit their website, but host on other servers? This decreases liability, hosting, and costs for Wix.

Web 3.0 is also here and has the potential to crush centralized web hosts within the next 5-10 years, this is something to consider.

I remember paying for Wix software license and then hosting on 3rd party (with the help of RipAds) to get faster speeds and more storage. That service is now shut down. If you can authorize me to re-create that, please don’t hesitate to reply. And by the way, I understand what it feels like to get cheated, hacked, attacked, stolen from, and have your product be pirated. It hurts, but in my experience it helps improve the service and only derives more sales as strangely as that sounds.