Reset password for Yahoo members accounts is not working

Hi all,

Since some weeks ago, we are experiencing a serious issue with our members (with Yahoo email accounts) not being able to reset their passwords. The emails from Wix site-members do not reach the Yahoo accounts.

We have current members blocked out and also new ones.

Anyone tested your password reset functionality for your Yahoo members? Does anyone have an workaround for this?

Looking forward to a solution.


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Hey @dragos-cotrus !

Sorry to hear you’re facing issues. If you’re experiencing a problem, please check out this article which should help you - Studio Launch - Known Issues - #2

Although related to the Wix Studio launch, follow the process to get in touch with support :slight_smile:

same problem happening to me!!! I don t know how to solve it!

There’s currently an ongoing issue with some site members not receiving the password reset email - 10 August, 2023 - Some Site Members Not Receiving the Password Reset Email | Help Center |