Restaurants Orders App is now available in Editor X

I’m happy to inform you that you can now install Restaurants Orders App in Editor X!

Orders App lets you add multiple menus, pickup/delivery options, manage incoming orders directly from your site’s dashboard and design the Online Ordering page so it really suits the restaurant’s look and feel.

Adding Restaurants Orders App
Open the App Market
Search for ‘Orders’
Install the ‘Wix Restaurants Orders’ App



You guys are absolutely insane, now I won’t feel bad getting restaurant clients anymore!

Me encantaría que se pudiera generar menús para locales (menú1 - local1, menú2 - local2…) y también sería genial que los clientes puedan pedir a la mesa y pagarlo.

Currently the forum communication is in English.

I assume you mean different menus for different locations and you can do so.
Regarding the “pedir a la mesa y pagarlo” , what element are you referring to.

@Rob Greetings, I mean the following example:
A customer enters the restaurant, goes to his table and scans the QR, opens, chooses the table he is occupying, goes to the menu, places the order, pays with a card or places a cash payment, and the waiters pass the order to the customer.

@321make So you should be able to use the Dine by Wix similarly to this. You can link to the app directly (if you need a QR code Wix has a free tool for it ) and then customers orders through it.

Only quirk I might see is that it’s meant to order delivery/pickup and then go to the location, you may need to collect the user or they pay attention to when the order is available to pick-up (at the counter). You can learn more about the app below but I think that could work.

@Rob I understand your suggestion, but I’m sorry to tell you that there are several studies in Latin America that show app uninstall rates increase to 60% on average and the main reason is memory or phone capacity. So forcing customers to install an app to order is not an option for now, what is needed is to be able to set up tables inside a restaurant. Thank you for your answers and your concern, I know you work very hard every day to make Wix better every day.

@321make Thanks for that insight about how your audience would work. You could also link to the site without using the app but again, similar setup that users would have to choose to pickup/deliver their order while inside the restaurant.

The flow of the app would be handled by a specific team but we will forward that feedback to the relevant team.

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Hi, How can I change the pin in the map of my 4 stores that are located in 4 different cities? When I select a new area, the pin always goes automatically to the first store.

If you have already set up the multiple locations, in the settings you can choose which location you want to customize the settings for, like the delivery location.

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So the Square POS integration isn’t working in Editor X though? Any word on if that’s coming soon? Really would rather build with Editor X than the old editor.

Considering it’s a Wix App…and Restaurants works in Editor X, why doesn’t the Square POS integration work?