Restoring a single page to previous version

I mistakenly began working and editing on a page. I would like to know how/if I can restore it to the previous original version without it affecting other pages I have created/added since then.
Thank you!

Not the ideal solution, but you can do as I do from time to time…

  • Duplicate your site

  • Then in the original site, select Site History from the Site menu.

  • Restore to the version that you know you need.

  • Copy the page code from that version to your new duplicated version. The screen you’ll have to fix manually.

  • Rename your original version. For example: rename mysite to mysite-original

  • Then rename your new duplicated version to the original site name - e.g. mysite

I have done this numerous times and it gets the job done.

Good luck and I hope it all works out for you

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Hi, I have the same problem as this and I already thought of copying the website, restoring and then trying to copy back my copied over page … but how do you copy the code please? I have building websites using Wix for a while (and have some limited knowledge of coding) but don’t usually use Corvid … How do you copy the code please??

If you haven’t used code in your sites, then there is no code to copy.

A work around if you do not code is if you follow the instructions above by restoring the previous version of your site with the page you want. Once restored go to these instructions . This will show you how to copy a page.

Once you understand how to copy. Keep the site menu section open on and now open up a new tab to follow the instructions above to revert back to your current webpage. You will now have to web browser tabs open one with the site menu of your old site and one where your are going to revert back to your current site. Click to restore to your current site.

Very quickly after your revert back to your current website. Go to the other web browser tab with your old website in editor on the site menu. Then copy as mentioned in these instructions .

Now go back to the other web browser tab with the current website in and paste in the site menu.

This work around i figured out on my own saved me 4 hrs