Risk of being removed

Partner program “Risk of being removed”

What are you trying to achieve:
Make sure my account is in good standings. Marketplace used to be great a sending leads, but I paused my account for a few months and once I reactivated the leads never came back.

Additional information:
I received an email that my account was at risk of being removed, because:
• You have too many expired leads ( I have received maybe 4 leads this year)
• You’ve been unavailable for over 90 days (My account is active)
• You haven’t completed a project for almost a year (because I have received minimal leads)

What’s your point exactly? If you paused your account for a few months then that’ll be what bites you in the rear end. I think the max you’re allowed to be inactive is 30 days. Just have to activate your account once a month and respond to a lead or two and then deactivate again.

I don’t think that was clear, I deactivated it. but it’s been active for 6 months and I received 2-3 leads vs before was 4-5 a week. Now they are saying they might permanently deactivate it because I am not producing enough work.

Oh I see. Have you tried adjusting the settings in your profile as to where you receive leads? eg. what countries, your prices, and the services you offer. Could try making that as broad as possible, even just temporarily?