Round Table for WIX Ascend

Hey all,
Any chance we could get a roundtable concerning WIX Ascend please?

So we can inform clients on pricing structure, how it differs with what they have now.



I like this. Expect one shortly after the holidays and new year!


There should be another one :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m curious to know what sort of questions you are looking to have answered

@noahlovell Hello. I recommend Wix to a lot of clients as an all-in-one solution. However, one key component is missing from Ascend email sequence automations - the ability to have an exit condition.

Here is an example an automation Wix has created that NEEDS an exit condition:
Send 2 reminders a week apart if an invoice is overdue

Let’s suppose that the customer pays the invoice after the first reminder is sent.

Currently, even though they have paid their invoice, they will still be sent the second reminder. This is confusing and annoying to the customer.

So, it is important to be able to manually remove them automation or have an exit condition that is triggered by a set action.

I hope this makes sense!

PS: It is also vital to have this ability if you are doing email marketing. I send automated email sequences that are triggered when a visitor opts-in to my list.

(ConvertKit & Kajabi, etc offer this feature.


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@sandy34174 This is a key reason I moved our entire CRM to HubSpot. While there are other benefits, I couldn’t replicate their sequences feature with Wix’s automations.

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@cstevens Thanks for commenting. I really hope Ascend will add this feature. I don’t want to switch.

@noahlovell Honestly just a gathering to let us make suggestions and maybe give examples of why we use other things with Ascend or other things instead of Ascend. I would love to have some more options for third-party automations without using Zapier. Some instruction on how to use the API, et cetera.

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We definitely need improvements for Ascend.

How could you funnel these good feature requests? So that one day they will see the light.