Round Table: Wix Blog

Boy, there was a LOT of great info that was revealed in this round table. @maya-ekron and @einath are here to discuss the RT even more :slight_smile:

Discussion points:
New Features Discussed:
-Direct Video Upload
-Wix Code Examples
-Manage & Place the App

Also Announced:
-Mobile Editor settings
-Widgets for Rich Content Editing

Watch it again here:

What did yall think? :slight_smile:


This was such an AMAZING round table!! It made me want to open a blog right away! Especially with the single post page customization. Thanks Einat and Maya!


We had a great time today with you guys :slight_smile:
Please share with us your feedback and requests. Now it is a good time to help us shaping the future features :wink:


Amazing round table! So many great updates. Way to go team. :clap:t4:


Haven’t watched yet, but I heard it was good. Just in case it wasn’t mentioned - Social media share to directly do this from the blog :pray: :pray::pray::pray: #wixfeaturerequest

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And - more options to make the layout match the site it’s going on. Some of my sites are so ugly and/or not modern and this new blog sort of ruins the whole feel. The client didn’t WANT to change their design so whatever. But the new blog looks so out of place. It’s like a whole different site in some instances.

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Thanks for all the hard work and solutions to so many of our requests. It’s good to see the blog improving the main features so many of us have been waiting for.


Thank you Einat and Maya! These updates are most welcome. I am very excited with the ability to turn off comments on a single post. I see this feature is live now, which is great.


Hi Maya (and Einat),
In the last part of the video you mentioned that coming up is the ability to add more elements to the blog post. You may have mentioned it and I missed it, but will we be able to add a button to the blog post?
It would be great if we could have a button inside the post that links either to an internal page on our website, anither post or to an external link.

I know we can just hyperlink the text, but would love to be able to add a button…

Thank you Einat and @maya-ekron from the Wix Blog Team. The roundtable was fantastic. We = the community appreciate everything the blog team are working on and everything that has been released so far.

I can’t wait to try the new post page (unfortunately it’s only available to new users since it was rolled out, existing ones have to wait to migrate to the new version).

I would like to see all the publishing settings on mobile, advanced SEO fields, schedule date, backdate, tags and more. This would be a game changer considering most of our stories can be done outside of the office.

Thank you and thanks to Brett and the community team for organising this Round Table, it was one of the best and most exciting yet.


We’re glad you all enjoyed it! :smiling_face::clap:t4:

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Oh yes. Wix Blog is my baby :slight_smile:


@roberthamilton I saw the blog you linked earlier today during the round table. Nice job! :+1:t4::+1:t4:

@stevenjose still working on it big time, more to come from me when they release some API’s and category column in the Database. I have really focused on speed and performance with the Wix Turbo team. It’s all happening man! I have literally waited on the Wix platform for a while for these blog improvements and finally i am seeing light at the end of the tunnel.


Will it be possible to show the date of a blog post, but not have the estimated reading time display?

Rich pins on Pinterest, please! My clients really want that!

@roberthamilton What did you do with the original blog app?

In the wix blog menu, can we have the ability to add dropdowns, hiding some categories ?

@_anat-1 we are working on this exactly :slight_smile:

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We will have more layouts options (let us know what you aim for - send us examples), meanwhile you can try to use code. No coding needed, jus data binding.

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