Round Table: Wix Events Product Updates - Dec 2019 - Watch it if you missed it. LOADED with information!

Features Revealed:
-Members Area
-Collect Guest Info from Ticket Holder
-Event Automation
-Buy tickets AFTER event starts!
-Corvid Customization: Create your own customized events gallery, events detailed page, and sign up form!
-Multiple pictures on event page
-RSVP Customize Form
-Enhancements to the Wix App: adding guests manually, Discussions, Coupons, Message Guests

Future Plans:
-Check in assistant on the Wix App
-Automatic Invoices/Receipts
-Event Policies
-Setting automatic start/end ticket sale dates
-Limiting the number of tickets for purchase per order
-2020 Plans: LOTS MOOOOOOOORE: Refunds, Recurring events, assigned seating, selling plans (Paid plans + Events), Event anaylics, more images in details page - Just to name a few :slight_smile:

@tal-gonenne and the team has put in SO Much work - You can really see with the entire new feature line up!

Feel free to ask any questions that were not mentioned in the round table!




Going live now!






Can’t wait to start using some of these features, and looks like a great bunch to come as well.

Can’t wait for the assigned seating, it maybe to early to say, but would there be any hint on when this may land. I am currently working with a client and using an external company to process ticket sales but would love to move everything in house.

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Got REALLY excited about Corvid but then got really let down when I couldn’t filter by keywords in the description. Please consider this! With that little bit of functionality, I’d be able to create category pages that wouldn’t need to be managed every time an event ends.

Also, we desperately need Site Search + Events!


Are there any plans to make wix websites mobile-responsive?


Awesome @tal-gonenne , integration purposal is comming for this year?, is in “and much more” last bullet? lol

We’re having the same issues with not being able to filter by category. The manual upkeep is killing us!

Hi! A bit too soon for an ETA, but I’ll keep you posted here :slight_smile:

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I’ll add both the filtering and the search to our wishlist. Del - I’ll email you to pick your brains a bit :slight_smile:

@jbrodeur can you please email me at ? I’d be really happy to speak to you and learn more about your Corvid needs.

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Yes! We’re constantly working to improve

Hi Daniel :slight_smile:
We need to see about that, but I’ll keep you updated

I’ll be reaching out this morning! Thanks so much.