Section order changes between desktop and mobile view

I have created my layout for a page in the desktop view and when I switch to the mobile view the section at the bottom of the page is now overlapping with the 2nd section of the page. this is happening on multiple pages

hey there
we are sorry to hear that this is happening
this could possibly happen due to the section // grid sizing // some elements size
make sure that there is no overflow content and that section are not conflicting with grid
for us to be able to proceed with deeper investigation, could you please provide us with video showing us elements order/overflow?

desktop view

mobile view

Could you include a link to the site so we can take a closer look at the different breakpoints?

@jacqui I took a look at the site since the domain was in the email and can see the site. I think it might be an issue regarding the breakpoints disappearing. We can create a ticket on your behalf but there is a workaround of reverting the site back to before Nov 29th 4 AM UTC.

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Hi Roberto, I need the information to be up-to-date so reverting it back to that time makes the website