Sendgrid mails are blocked sometimes


I’ve made the integration with Sendgrid. After completion of a form the mails are composed and send correctly. I only send about 100 mails a month. Problem is that they are not always delivered by sendgrid. When I login at sendgrid I can see that they are sometimes blockes by Spamcop. I’ve asked sendgrid for help. Problem is that for their free account a user shares IP addresses with other users. Some of these IP addresses are abused for spam and therefore blocked by some spam black lists. I can only solve this by getting a paided account which gives me an own IP address.

Are there examples of other mail senders I can use??? And why does WIX not provide this service itself???


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Hi Ron,
If SendGrid doesn’t suit your needs, I recommend checking out other email REST api services.
Currently integrating Wix Code with ShoutOut is not supported.
Thank you for your feedback

Hi Ron,
Did you ever get a resolution to this, as I am having a very similiar issue.