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I have a collection that is a registration form. I have it set up so only site members can fill out the form and that part works perfectly.

I have the permissions set that only " Site member author " can edit the content from the collection.

I have created a page in the members area for the purpose of allowing members to edit their registration details.

Here is where the problem comes in, when a member clicks on the “Update Page” link, they see a form with all the correct fields, but the fields are populated with the information from the first row in the collection as opposed to the row in the collection with THEIR information.

Am I missing something? Any ideas on how to fix?


Hi Mike!

Please share a link to your site so one of us, the WixCode team, can inspect it and provide you with a solution.


Doran, thanks.

This is the input form -
The “update page” is in the member area.


hey mike. how did you fix it? i have same problem!

You can make this up simply by following this members profile tutorial here.

If you want to capture this info when the user signs up to your website, simply make up your own Corvid signup lightbox and add these user inputs to the sign up form.

Then the new users details will be added to Contacts (Wix CRM) and after they have been approved as a new member, either manually or automatically, it will all be added to the Members dataset from the tutorial.

If you search the forum for signup lightbox or similar you will find many previous posts about the same thing.

Read here about the signup options.

Old post from 2018 being closed