[Solved] How to make your site really fast!

I found a way to speed up loading times of all my database requests and build up of all my pages quite fast.
I had one page for example that loaded about 10 items in a repeater and each repeater had around 15 dynamic fields (only text, no images!).

Loading time was approx. 15 secs!
I brought this down to loading time of about 2 secs!

I hoped it will be better once the site is live, but compared to the sandbox mode it was not much faster.

If a page takes longer than 5sec or so the user will loose interest. So the key is to speed up the single pages.
The main secret is to load the data just at the beginning, after the user has logged in. Create a loading page that tells the user what îs happening: “Loading Prices”, then “loading items”, etc. Such a loading page may take longer that 5 secs but after that everything is loaded and ready to use.
The loading page stores all the data in the memory of the browser instead of doing database queries everytime you need the data.
How to do that? I store all my data in the memory storage of wix-storage. Check it out here:
wix-storage - Velo API Reference - Wix.com
I would prefer to use session storage instead of memory, but the size of data is limited to 50kb in session storage or local storage. But Memory storage allows 1 MB.

1: If all of your collected data exceeds 1MB then you should not go the way I propose here. (So I suggest it only works for pages without images).

2: Avoid Datasets and Database queries as much as you can! Have your data ready in different memory items and call them from there if you need them.
In case of saving data to the database you will also have to update the local memory! Its a bit of extra work but it pays off in better speed for the user.

3: Repeaters should not have more than 3 textfields or so. Make one textfield and fill it with the data. It does not depend so much on the datasize - but Repeaters get really slow if there are many dynamic fields in them.
Here is a great description on how to do this:
Velo by Wix: Using HTML template to the better performance | by Alexander Zaytsev | Medium

I am not a professional programmer but I did a lot of experiments on the matter of speed and so far this is the best solution I found.
Maybe there are some Professionals around that would oppose this approach, I am happy to hear it!

A) Needs extra coding to keep up the data integrity for the memory items.
B) It only works if the collected data for a user does not exceed 1 MB.
C) Maybe there are security issues that I am not aware of.

SPEED! A lot!

I am happy to hear about your experiences on how to speed up your page. Wix is great, but the price for the Wix - userfriedlyness is: low speed.

After Wix’s performance release about two months ago, typical site speed was dramatically improved. I find it interesting that you were experiencing such severe speed problems. Loading time of 15 secs?? Doesn’t sound right. In my experience, the number of fields in a repeater shouldn’t have such a drastic effect on performance.

I suspect that you might have other issue involve which were negatively impacting performance. Do you have any examples available? I’d be glad to take a look and evaluate for best practices, efficient code, and perhaps code that causes delays.

Thanks Yisrael for your response! How can I give you access to the page for that you can look at it in the editor?

Just post the URL and explain what page and how to see the issue.

The live url is: [www.musicscoodle.com.](www.musicscoodle.com.
One) page that has a repeater that caused this long loading time is the page “Meine Schüler”.
The page is still under major construction and not officially released.

Interesting. I see that your site is not being run under the performance release. This is probably due to some component or feature on the site that isn’t yet supported by the performance release.

I am going to pass this on to the dev team for evaluation. Hopefully they can identify the reason that the site is on the older release, and get an estimate of when your site will be supported by the new performance release.

Wow, interesting! Thanks Yisrael! It might have to do with the fact that there is quite a big extensively coded iFrame on the subpage “Mein Stundenplan”. There I had to go "out of wix because the drag&drop feature is of key importance and this is not supported by Wix so far, as I understand.
Cant wait to hear about this from the dev team!

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Hey Stefan, so it’s like this. On your Contact Page, you are using a Contact Form - and that form is not yet compliant with the performance release.

I believe that if you replace that prefab form with one that you build yourself, the performance release will kick in and you should see an amazing improvement in the performance of your site.

Oh, that’s easy. I will take care about it and tell you. Can’t do it right now, but within the next few days. I have not yet taken care about the whole membership area yet. Will do so once the webapp is running smooth.
Thank you very much for taking care about the issue! Great service!

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Let me know how it goes so I can check it out for you when you make your changes.

Hey Yisrael, I just simply removed the contact site and also all those dynamic pages that I dont use. These were remains of the template when I started the project, but are not used. So maybe you can have a look if it runs now with the new performance release.
Now, since my whole page is programmed in the described manner (with taking the data from memory and setting up the repeaters as described above) I will take some time to check the improvements later on.
Thanks again!

I just inspected your site and you are now running under the new performance release. You should see greatly improved load times and performance. I’m not just saying that - I’ve seen it on my own private sites as well.

Hey, is there any automatic way for us to check if our site runs under the new performance release?