Some news about the CODE-completion ???

It has now been some time since changes on the —> “CODE-completion” were done.

But still things like auto-completion for → " for-loops " or " functions " are still not working?

Before the UPDATE, they worked just fine. When this will work again?

It was a great help, which saved time, when generating code.
Now you have to write everything manually again & again & again & again & again…

And why not importing more auto-completion-functions ?
For example for…
-do you have any other suggestions ?
…complete the list…

  1. -for-each-loops…

I found the related post …

Some feature may not be used frequently shown, but some basic feature like for loop does not shown… hope some day the auto complete can really helps people

@russian-dima thank you for the feedback. I will look into it.
@certified-code can you please list things you miss.

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Thanks! I would really like to have these auto-completions back.
It saves a lot of coding time.

Thanks Shay W!

Perhaps also taking a look on this…?

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BTW: I already like the new colors in the code-compiler :wink: just continue improvements this way! Thumbs-up!

@Shay W
Good job man! Some auto-completion-functions are back again!
For-Loop / For-Each-Loop / function and also including some new ones (switch) :beers:

Thumbs up! Continue like that. :sunglasses:

Question: Is it also possible to import auto-completion for extern coding?
For example for/from NPM-packages?

Once installed a package you get all the possible auto-completions???

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It is fixed now.

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