Stage or preview site for client

What’s the best way to show a developing site to a client?

I can publish the site temporarily but then I can’t add ‘nofollow’ or something to prevent indexing by search engines and I see the EditorX advertising on top of the site.

I can send a preview url of the site without the advertising but then I have to give the client access passwords and instructions. That’s not handy and too much hassle when more people have to take a look at the design.

At last I could publish the design under a temporary ‘dev’ url. But then we have to pay the full amount before publishing the site with the right url. And again it’s not quiet the best solution.

So, is there or will there be a more professional way to show stages of the site to a client.

Do not give them the PREVIEW URL. Share the URL given to the site upon publishing. You can find it in several places on Your Sites panel or the said site dashboard.

Hi @teejay Thanks. That’s right. But I want to share the site before publishing for feedback.

I noticed an ‘ask for feedback’ in the menu, but it’s not working as it should be. The site is showing but links in the site menu won’t work. The feedback panel is’not working also. Is this still in beta? I hope this will work soon because it’s a very welcome addition in the EditorX workflow!

Share a URL with us. I’ll take a look

Trial site’s navigation is not affected unless you are linking to an unapplied domain name.

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