Store multiple images per item in your collection with Media Gallery fields

Media Gallery fields in the Content Manager are used to store multiple images in one field in your collection. You can then easily display the images in a Gallery element on your site.

For example, let’s say you have a real estate site. You created a database collection with all the properties you manage, and you want to include photos of the interior and exterior of each property. Using a Media Gallery field, you can upload all the photos you have to a single field in each item in your collection. You can provide a title and description for each photo right in the gallery.



Wow - thank you so much, amazing!

Can i ask, how can a site user upload multiple items to this field?


I made a workspace on my site for the moderators to send content, I do not want to have to open the editor every time I need to add image to your gallery.

This is in fact a veryb om resource that everyone expected including me, thank you, now all you have to do is wait and see if they will add some interaction with the user inputs mainly with the upload button.


Hi @Shay

Yes this is a required feature… Please let us know if its being planned/developed. If we can insert multiple images, we also need to upload multiple images. thanks


@Robert, I tried it just recently and it is very simple. You just need to add a media gallery column on the database and from there, select the images.

Are you talking about actually letting the user upload via an upload button to get images uploaded to the media gallery field?

Or are you talking about populating the gallery from the media manager that is already loaded with images you have uploaded?

As myself I am in need of having customers load up images (multiple at a time) to be able to display in different ways…yet I am not finding a semi simplistic way to do it at all…


Are there any solutions for multiple media uploads to a collection for a user? I’ve been looking over the forums and seems like this would be a pretty easy fix to implement… Unless I am missing something here. I am pretty new here so apologies in advance if i have overlooked any solutions.

Thank you!


Well here is my solution for now:

While they are providing ongoing effort into media management this is my workaround.

I have outsourced some of my media upload requirements to a digital (media) asset management company.
In the mean time I’m building API’s to store and fetch images there with. I am getting real nice solutions with that, including video upload etc…etc…

May be worth some effort for anyone looking to do similar functions until more features are offered here…and as well as they have done here at Wix…I am sure it will be outstanding once completed…

Keep up the great work folks!!

I’ve been looking for this for weeks!
Dead easy to implement, yet the gallery is not displaying the images properly (standard Thumbnail gallery)
And also I get this: “Wix code SDK Warning: retrieving items from a Pro Gallery is only supported after the items have been set via code”, why can it just work without code?

It’s not showing just one at time, it smashes them together

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I’m not sure which galleria you’re using, but try to see if its settings are in (cut) or (adjust), and from what I know, you do not need code to display items in the gallery and only connect to the database.

But I could be wrong and just a guess.

You can do it with some code. Use an upload button and then some code to push an additional image to the gallery field.

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wow that’s good news, i’ll search on, thank you.

@shay-wix Do you have or is there an example code for this?

I’m guessing it still wouldn’t allow users who upload images to ‘reshuffle’ their uploads easily?

Many thanks!


Hi! Have you sent the images to the gallery (media gallery field on database) by code? If so, can you please share the coding?

Does anyone know how to send multiple images to this media gallery field by code? I can’t find any example, and I am struggling with it. :frowning:

Hi @ivana-machado
I have done it… But I can’t select and send multiple images at once… I have written a code where we need to select each image individually after each upload…


@thrishtilabs Hi Nithin! Would it be possible for you to share your solution with me?! I couldn’t even find a way of sending them to the media gallery field… :frowning: Thank you!!

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@ivana-machado Hi I have posted the code in your different post regarding the same as that code fits ur post than here…

@shay-wix can i get the code for it.

i would like my user to upload images to the media gallery field with a upload button. which will be store in the same database with all there information.

@Shay How does one set up where site user/visitor can use upload to submit images/info to a media gallery.