Suspicious Countdown App Can't Be Removed

I’m trying to get rid of this spammy “BIG RESTOCK” countdown that I, for the life of me, cannot get removed from the top header of my website. It doesn’t seem to be in any of the code, nor is it in the layers. The name of the app is called “Urgency Countdown Timer” by POWR.

In Studio in the app area, it says installed. It doesn’t show in the actual editor, but I can’t seem to get it to uninstall, or go away. A quick google search literally just found other websites with the same problem. POWR has a customer service e-mail, and in order to help me, they wanted collaborator access to the website. They were wanting us to use a sketchy e-mail to send the collaboration invite to, and that’s where we stopped communicating with them.

  1. Shame on Wix for not vetting the Apps from third parties a bit more stringently, as this totally smells like malware.
  2. Does anyone have an idea how to truly uninstall this thing?

Could you please share your website’s link?

Certainly! [redacted]

Thank you. Please try following

Sadly no joy. It doesn’t show as an installed app. However, if I search for it in the App Market, it says it’s installed. I opened.

Clicking “delete” in fact does not delete, (it doesn’t do anything). I’ve tried to pause them, which they will and then after some period of time go back to being “active”. So incredibly annoying!

So, it appears I’ve gotten the countdown to delete (though through its own native page, it forces me to use). However, I would not be surprised if it returns.

I also found there were two apps inadvertently installed – Urgency Countdown Timer by POWR and Powerful Countdown Timer by Vowels Labs pvt ltd. Both were identical, and the first one had its customer support e-mail trying its darndest to get administration rights to my website.

WiX needs to really get it together when it comes to vetting it’s third-party apps… and be able to uninstall apps. Right now, there is no option!

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Delete the elements you created from external Websites. Looks like you added them as Embed, So you have to disconnect any of timer Widget provider. That’s why you can’t uninstall it from Wix app Market!