Switch from Wix Editor to Wix Studio keeping business information?

I want to migrate to Wix Studio, but I can’t loose all my business information once I have Paid Plans subscribers, payment info, etc.

Also, I have some custom-coded pages that depends on the customer information, which I wouldn’t like to loose. I don’t care about the site layout or anything like that, just the business management info (back end).

Is it possible to do so?

Currently no, its not possible to transfer the whole back end from the old editor to Studio. Hopefully the Wix Team are working on a solution as it would be great to update so many sites to the new Studio platform.

Unfortunately, it is not possible at this time. I have also had to undergo this transition. I have rebuilt all the pages of my site from a visual standpoint but I’ve also had to redo all my SEO, payout setup, google search console, sitemap, and more.

If you are a Wix© Partner I would suggest contacting your Wix Partner Success Team to see if they can provide you any insight on how to safely do some of these things without compromising any client data if you still want to make the switch to Wix Studio.