The menu in editor x!!!

This is the conversation from the live chat that I still haven’t gotten back to by.
“Hi, I just had a trouble with how the menu was looking and how it was shaped and stuff. So, I chose the first hamburger menu option in my first trial test and I really disliked some things for this. The main thing was that it only resized until a certain part and then it wouldn’t shrink further. When I look at other websites, I see that they have their hamburger menu very small next to their logo. But, with editor x, my hamburger menu is SUPER big, ugly, and awkward looking! Plz, find a way to contact your team to address this issue properly. Also, the animations! When the hamburger menu is opened, there is a select animation for how the menu transforms into a shape. We should be able to decide what shape it turns into, the speed, and the position of where it is at in the opened menu. I want to build a professional website, and that is why I switched to editor x. If I am not able to access these features, there is no point of my switching. So plz address this issue IMMEDIATELY and let me know how long it will take for these changes to take effect. Please and thank you!”

If there is some type of code plz plz plz let me know. You see I don’t really do coding so that would be really helpful if somebody could assist me thank you!

You should go to the Editor X community forum and discuss your issues there.

I did but I didnt get an answer yet from wix. I was asking if there was a code or anything.

@homefulgoods This is not code. It’s an Editor X layout issue.

Try the Editor X community forum .