Things that frustrate me about Wix

Last night, I designed the website, tested it, everything was fine.

Today, I wake up and find things moved in the design; it’s as if they moved on their own, it’s unbelievable…

Also, it has happened to me that when I make a change in the phone design, everything in the desktop design moves as well. Isn’t responsive design supposed to have a cascading effect?

I’ve also noticed that there are images that weigh barely 25kb, and when the page loads, they remain blurry and don’t load properly; I have to refresh it.

I added a link to one image, and another image ended up with the same link. When I check the other image, it doesn’t have a link added, but it’s still functioning with the link from the first picture.

I try to adjust the height of selection tags, but it doesn’t let me; it only sets the height that the component wants…

That’s the major problem with Wix; it’s so flexible that the editor itself moves everything because of its flexibility. It’s a bit frustrating that it doesn’t respect the design measurements being made.

The best solution would be to make the drag-and-drop feature less flexible and impose limits on it to make the design process easier.

@rodolfoboscan911 Hey! This all definitely sounds odd and frustrating. May I ask what change you had made in the mobile breakpoint that ended up also showing on desktop?

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It happens rarely, I would say it has happened to me about 5 times.

For example, it happens when I move rows inside a container, when I go and check the desktop I see that everything is moved and it shouldn’t happen because I was working on the mobile design.

It didn’t happen to me today, thank God!