TikTok Pixel on Wix website

I would like to know if it is possible to add a TikTok pixel to a wix website?
Is it possible to have a Facebook and TikTok pixel run simultaneously on a wix website?

Hello from the Wix DevRel Team!

I haven’t spent much time with this particular example, but a brief look at the documentation leads me to believe it should be possible in the same way you would implement Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, or any other external JS script: By adding the JS snippet provided by TikTok between the tags of your Wix site.

Follow these instructions for setting up your TikTok pixel: https://www.tiktokforbusinesseurope.com/resources/install-tiktok-pixel

And these for adding the inside of the tags for your site:

You may also need to set up Google Tag Manager and implement it with that (which is how the first link instructs you to do it), but there are also plenty of tutorials out there on how to that as well. I’ve found ones from Analytics Mania pretty helpful in the past:


Hope this helps!


Hi Bianca,

I’m interested to know if you able to add the TikTok pixel to the wix website. How did you go?

Best… Jarrod

Even though this thread is from a year ago, adding a TikTok pixel to a Wix website is still a viable option. It allows you to track user interactions and gather valuable data. The good news is, you can run both Facebook and TikTok pixels simultaneously on your Wix site.