Unlisted Youtube videos not displaying

Hi all, I’m working on wrapping up a project I’ve been building for over a year and just today a problem has popped up I’ve never encountered before.

Because my site is just one project of a larger organization, I’ve been keeping the roughly 500 videos used in it unlisted on YouTube so the channel doesn’t get overwhelmed. Up until now this hasn’t been an issue, I could still embed the unlisted video on Wix and they would play.

Just today however some videos started displaying ‘This video is unavailable’ on and off. Making it stranger, it seems selective in which display it and when.

  • This issue is only occurring on one set of pages that were built to integrate into an embedded map
  • When I reload the map page the first video always displays
  • Videos sometimes start working after closing and opening 2-5 times
  • there might be a time factor involved as well. Some videos will give the ‘This video is unavailable’ message when open and closed in quick succession, but then display if just left alone for a minute or two.

Googling this, I saw that Wix requires external videos to be public, but otherwise no clues as to whats happening and why it would be starting now. I was wondering, is this a new requirement from Wix and thats why I never encountered it before? Any suggestions on how to resolve it?

The site: https://www.mehelle.org/map
clicking on ‘more info’ opens the video pages in question.