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Hi Wix dev team and Product Management,

I wanted to share with you my general feeling I have currently…
I’m working on a project in editor X with corvid for quite sometime and it is getting more and more frustrated each day. Except for missing UI elements and functionality which existed in the regular editor and other editing slowness and bugs, I’m spending hours trying to find workaround to overcome defects in order to make my pages work correctly.
Recently, I’ve found out that pages that worked correctly, stopped working due to new defects, even the basic staff like isVisible() of VectorImage element does not work correctly anymore.
I understand this is still a beta version, however, my feeling that before releasing new feature it is better to make sure all the basic staff works correctly.
I’m currently paying for Premium account as some of things does not work on free account but if this is a beta version I expect that it will cost less than the stable editor version and not the other way around .
The option to report a bug include two options: Minor and Critical which I assume minor will be fixed in several months, however, critical does not seems the correct category for me as I can still continue working.

Is it only me that is experiencing this?:sleepy:

I have been working now with Editor X for several months, with a steep learning curve. Regression issues are indeed an area to improve on. From my experience part of the regression issues seem genuine bugs, which is improving month by month.

However some regression issues are also caused by how margins, docking, padding, grids etc. are set in different units as %, vw, wh, px, fractions. Editor X is quite unforgiving if you don’t get these consistent. For example being able to use calculated grid size is very powerful, but can cause unwanted effects later on. Also when working with grids you need to be meticulous which cell the objects spans. Checking all these settings methodically helps to avoid issues.

The great flexibility leads to so many possibilities in combinations that I don’t think it is possible to catch issues all before releasing it to the BETA version. The more we build and report issues directly to the Editor X team as a bug or feature request, the better they can make the product.

Working with grids is something you need to master and I’m slowly learning how to cope with it. The issue is with the existing functionality which exists in Wix editor and does not work correctly in Editor X.

I was very pleased when I heard about Editor X as the promo videos seemed to answer all the issues I have with the old Editor such as customising different breakpoints. However, despite following their own instructions to the letter I find the interface extremely buggy and even though my items are not parented any changes I make to the layout on the mobile breakpoint (for some reason its find on the tablet breakpoint) These changes and moves are then reflected on my desktop breakpoint, everything from images to text to buttons are moved which as you can imagine is less than ideal. I find myself repeating edits over and over which sometimes stay in their correct positions and sometimes not, making this already long creation process even longer and extremely frustrating.

While the BETA version is great in a lot of ways and leaps ahead in the right direction its still quite glitchy and basic features that worked well for everything simply weren’t picked up such as full width sliders for header image scroll and editable sliders which you can attach icons,text and images which change as it scrolls through. Wix has always had work arounds via other items for those who were open minded enough to think of a different route to get the same outcome. Maybe someone as thought of a work around for this?

Overall my experience is, it has a lot of potential and is definitely going in the right direction but it seriously needs a lot of bug improvement.

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