Upload field for multiple files

I just wanted to share this recent update to the upload field button used to upload multiple files at the same to post them in a database, until the Corvid team bring a real upload field for more than 1 item.

// gallery upload
export async function repeaterUploadBtn_change(event) {

let imageToGallery = {};
let file = $w('#galleryUploadBtn').value;
if(file.length > 0){
const response = await $w('#galleryUploadBtn').startUpload($w('#galleryUploadBtn').buttonLabel = 'Uploading ...');

        $w('#galleryUploadBtn').buttonLabel = 'Add picture';
        imageToGallery.src = response.url;
        imageToGallery.type = 'image';
        console.log('gallery', galleryPictures);
        imageToGallery = {};
function galleryDisplayer(){
    $w('#innGallery').items = galleryPictures;


" https://www.wix.com/corvid/profile/archsmady "
Hello Dev thanks for your consideration.
I am new in Wix and i really want to know how to upload multi images and files to my database and i saw your posts, i really want to know where to put this code and how ,can you please help me. i wish you upload a video showing exactly how to accomplish this.

best regards