Urgent: large desktop breakpoint issue

Hi all, I’m wondering if someone can help me solve an issue.

I somehow messed up my breakpoints on my home page in attempt to create one for larger desktop screens. The new breakpoint says 1809 and up, and it’s creating problems when I expand my window (all the content goes blank on the site). I am wondering how I can solve this issue or possibly revert back to the 1000 and up?

Here are some screenshots:

  1. My breakpoints

  1. The issue


Site link: https://www.ai-health.io/

@junaw hey hey
that’s an interesting situation, indeed
page is blank and at the same time it is not
as per my check, I can see that the most of the content on Editor X (your new top breakpoint) is hidden:

Hi @andrewt thanks for your comments. You were right, I just needed to display the hidden sections and then copy the breakpoint from the standard desktop view and it worked fine. I am still having trouble with two sections when displayed on the large desktop:

  1. This has to do with interactions. On the standard view I am able to rollover the text below the diagram and the corresponding circles appear to indicate each step of the process. This works fine, but when I get up past 1800 breakpoint it seems like these interactions disappear. When I try to redo the interaction it starts effecting the lower breakpoints. For example if I try to make the circle in 1800 with 0% opacity, it affects the opacity in 1300, making the interaction not work properly. Any ideas on this?

  1. Is there any way to keep this repeater 3 rows of 3? Anything over 1550 it reorders itself to 4 rows over 2 and it just doesn’t look good.

Really appreciated your advice! Thank you!

you can decrease the size of Repeater just little but and it will be adjusted

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as for this situation on breakpoints it is hard for me to tell from the check was done now, if you do not mind, I can create a support ticket, so we will take a closer look together with Editor X Customer Care team

@andrewt That would be great, thank you. Do you need any of my account info?

@junaw nope, ticket is already created, our CC team will reply to you via email :nerd_face:

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