Use grid for repeater items

I want repeater items to be shown horizontally at every viewport.
How can I do this?

Can I make a grid for the repeater items?
(The idea is to show circle pictures at the top of the page, kind of like Instagram UI)



Hey @zivassor , yes you can achieve such layout pretty easily:

Let me know how did it work for you. Good luck!

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thanks for the video :slight_smile:
I did the same like you did. The only problem is that I want to show more than one item one the tablet/mobile viewport.
Any idea how to do that?

If I got your question correctly - You can try to play with the size of the item and the content in it, something like this:

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Great. I will try this.

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Hello - Sorry to change the subject but I also have a repeater question. Is there a way to get rid on the white frame on the templates? How did you do that. My other question is when changing the width of the screen the “repeaters” do not stay the same. (My middle graphic moves up until finally they stack on top of each other. Isn’t that the point of a repeater, they stay uniform. I must be missing something. Thanks in advance!

hello, @littleredcabinus
could you attach the screenshot (for query1) and screencast (for query2) for us to be able to understand how the elements are behaving in your case and the exact features you are referring to?
you can do this with following tools:
along with this it would be easier to receive the assistance from the community if you will create a new post: