Use MP3 file in a database

Hi ! I am working on a website to teach french for free, and i have a vocabulary section displaying a Database

Here is how the database should be :

  1. Title (French Word)

  2. Traduction (Translation in english)

  3. Image (Illustrations)

  4. MP3 (a mp3 file with the french prononciation of the word)

Here is the page :

Everything work fine, except the mp3 file. I know we cannot add sound to database, and i thinks it would be a needed feature. (Not only to teach language but also for music creator, narrator and more)

If someone know how to code it, i am intereted. Otherwise, please Wix, add this feature! :slight_smile: Thanks!


This would be a great feature to add, as I have a music download website I am going to be working on soon. I know you can add the MP3 file directly to your page, but it would be much better to have a data collection to store it all and make easy changes/additions to the site when needed, especially when dealing with very large music lists.


In the database, we now have the option to add ‘‘Media’’ or ‘‘Videos’’… Still no MP3 file tho. Why ?.. MP3 files are a Media, and when I saw the option appearing i had hope that it was finally gonna accept all kind of files, but no…

This post got absolutely no attention from the Wix team either…


I totally agree… Yeah, you can add a MP3 file directly on the page, (Its what i’ve done while waiting) but it is usefull only if you have a few music only (Under 10 lets say)

ANY Music Website will want to have a database for the songs, so it can be filtered by year, by artist, by style, by mood, by language or whatever other filter you could want

No MP3 in Database also mean no coding, no filter, no categories… it is really not a good solution, even temporarly

In my case, those wont be music but 1-2 second long mp3 file, just to read the word they are clicking on. Meaning that, eventually, i will have hundred and hundred of MP3 files to manage, and to make sure that each MP3 file is link with the proper word, and the proper image… Even with the database option, it will be a LOT of work… i cannot imagine myself doing it without it…

Let’s hope… So far we are 2 i guess.

Who ever want this feature, please comment just so the forum post can go back on the top of the list, and making it more visible to others, thanks!


Yes, I agree. Worst case scenario they could allow links to podcast or rss feeds. Best case, link to files hosted on my Dropbox/Google Drive. Or just bloat my storage on Wix… Something, please!


9 months later, and no answer from the Wix team! In 3 months, June 2019, this post will be 1 year old. (And my project is stuck at the same point it was!)

Will we get an answer before it’s birthday? Who want to bet? :slight_smile:


I doubt they would answer at this point but anything can happen.


Yes I hope they add this feature soon! So far I have only been able to use URL’s in database and connect them to iframe, but only buttons for now, not the HTML audio player sadly.


Have you see this solution @kassyarts ? :

I haven’t tried it myself yet, too complicated I feel, but could work for your purposes!

I also feel this is a temporary solution. If Wix could allow us to incorporate mp3’s into databases it would open up huge doors for users and new markets for Wix - the average wix music site are simple portfolio sites for musicians, who generally speaking, are poor. I’m talking about creating huge music database sites eg. Music Licensing, actual music based e-commerce sites with huge income potential and clients who are willing to pay more)

Ultimately would like to be able to have mp3s in a database that I could then connect to the Wix Music Application. I’m building a music portfolio site for music licensing company. We’re starting small, so I am just adding each page one at a time and creating albums. But ultimately very frustrating. Later down the line we will have more music and I need music files to be connected to a database, displayed on dynamic pages, and allow site users to filter the music by artist, type, genre, etc.


WIX, please add this feature. We’ve all been waiting patiently for this one. Thanks


Need this feature to build a podcast page for a client!


@fordcreatv Hey Ash,
I’ve managed to get a fully functioning dynamic audio embed with styling options, let me know if you’re interested! You can contact me at this email .

In case anyone is interested in a solution, I can get it set up for you :slight_smile: I’ve managed to create a fully functioning audio player dynamic embed.

Feel free to contact me at this email .


Awesome! Could we see a link to an example?

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@fordcreatv Sure thing!

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Hello Everyone,

Product Manger for the Media Group at Wix here…

I’m happy to let you all know that we ARE working on MP3 support in the DB.

This will come with a new player, that will also be able to be connected to the DB and controlled via API.

I responded to another similar post here -

I hope that our first version will provide exactly what you are all looking for. Please feel free to ask more questions here and I’m happy to answer. :slight_smile:


When will this feature be available?


@kassyarts You could upload it to youtube and add the video to the database. This could also help with marketing by putting you on more channels to be found from.

I can’t really do that with thousands of few second long mp3. Each recording would be a word or sentence in French… because of how big the project is, any external hosting is not a valid option

It would work really well for music tho, but unfortunately not for language-learning website

Nice idea tho! :slight_smile:

That is awesome :heart_eyes: can’t wait for it!