User Generated dataset not showing in live site

Hi all,

I’m creating a site for a lost and found pet organization. Using the Content Management system, I created a collection for allPets. The collection has ‘Custom Use’ permissions: Read: anyone; create: anyone; update: member author; delete: admin. I have created and tested the inputs and they work. Yippee!

My problem is in displaying the information from the dataset on the live site. None of it shows at all (mobile or desktop), although it works perfectly in preview. I’ve tried multiple browsers, resizing the page, waiting (and waiting) with no luck. Sigh.

To display the info, I have created a page (not dynamic), added a dynamic repeater and linked it to the allPets dataset. The DS has been filtered (Lost, Dogs, for example). I have separate pages for lost cats, lost dogs, found cats, found dogs, you get the idea. In preview mode all the data filters and shows as it should for each page. But on the live site there is nothing, just white space.

I also tried a dynamic page and that didn’t display either.

I have the datasets on each page as ‘read-only’. I’ve tried galleries, tables and repeaters - each linked properly. Each one works on the preview. Not one works on the live site.

I tried changing the setting on the allPets collection to 'Site Content" and it worked like a charm. But then none of the forms worked.

Everything I’ve looked up seems to imply that I have it set up correctly, yet I must be missing something.

Currently the site is basic Wix (with ads still showing). Will an upgrade solve this?

I’d really welcome the help. :slight_smile:

Did you sync the Preview (sandbox) to the Live database?

Hi Yisrael,

Thank for the reply. It is working now.

A follow up question for you:

I had synced sandbox to live multiple times throughout creating and testing various site elements. I also published multiple times. I may have also made an edit in sandbox mode to a cell or two without syncing prior to publishing. Does it require a sync to live every time before publishing?

Thanks again for your help!

Only if you want the latest Sandbox data. However, sandbox data is usually just used for testing, and isn’t necessarily the same was what you want to be Live. It’s really up to you.


Thanks! I really appreciate your help.