Using Adobe Fonts in Wix


I have the same problem as the person in this closed forum article:

I want to integrate Adobe Fonts to use for my clients Wix Premium website. I followed all the steps described in the post:

I used the link generated by Adobe Fonts and put it here:
Wix Dashboard > Settings > Custom Code > Head > and activated it.

I published my website and connected it to a Domain as requested.
But in the Editor I can’t select the fonts, they don’t show in the Fonts Menu …

In the old forum post there was a person named “design” and for them it apparently worked, but their profile is no longer available.

Does anyone know how I get my Adobe Fonts to work?? Maybe put it in the code directly in the Dev Modus in the Editor, but I don’t know where to find it?

Help would be very appreciated! Thank you!

It’s not working yet to have the fonts from the adobe typekit in the editor . You have to change everything with custom code . I’m at the same point at the moment as you and waiting for this feature to come soon.

You can vote for this feature here:

Hi, I appreciate this post! Thanks! I wanted to ask if someone knows how to download the font from Adobe fonts since I see in Wix there is a section to upload. Thank you!

Someone could make a plug in and make a lot of money!!

What would you want the plug-in to be? Specifically importing adobe fonts?

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well as far as I can tell there is no way to download adobe fonts… so I am not sure

There is a way to download Adobe Fonts to your computer so you can use it on Wix:


Thanks for the video! May be you can help with some guidance as: how to download a custom designed fonts and use them on Wix?

I hope you will post more like that in the future

To use Adobe Fonts on Wix, simply sign up for a free Adobe Creative Cloud account. Then, log in to your Wix account and go to the “Add Apps” section. Search for “Adobe Fonts” and add the app to your site. Once you’ve added the app, you can access the Adobe Fonts library from the Wix Editor

Hello, what version of Wix editor are you using? “Adobe Fonts” app is not in the Wix Market App.

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