Using Repeaters for a Job Board

Hello. I own a recruiting company and have used Emplada in the past for my job board. I have been advised to use Wix Repeaters to replace Emplada which is no longer offered by Wix.

Does anyone have useful tips on how to do this? Is there a Repeater interface that would be most suitable for a job board (usually 6 to 8 jobs at any given time)?

Thank you for any help or guidance.

What are you trying to achieve? please elaborate so we can help you figure it out.

Hello. I want to create a job board that has information about the job and provides applicants an avenue to apply and send their resume. Emplada is no longer working on the site, so I am without a job board.

Where are you stuck? You can create a database and store all the jobs there, populate the repeater from the database and link each repeater item to a form .

Share your code if you are stuck so we can assist you,

Hey Scott, did you get it work for you?

Hi Scott! I am also trying to figure out the best way to create a job board using Wix code. Did you have any success with yours? Any advice or feedback is appreciated!

I did have success. Is it ideal? No and it does take up a lot of time to upload a job, but it’s doing the trick for now. I would follow the moderator’s links to figure out how to set it up. Essentially you need to set up a page with repeaters. The repeaters link to a job profile page.

Okay, thanks.

Hello, we have also created a job board using repeaters. Is there a way to schedule the jobs to unpublish when they reach the closing date? Thanks Hannah

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You could run a job scheduler to change the job’s status by checking their application deadline.

Do you mean: