Using Wix Hotel for an Air BnB

Hi Here is my clients rate/pricing structure for the year. (Attached image)
I would like to create our pricing structure based on this calendar.

Where my client has put “Minus £100, £200, £300 for a discount on booking a full week on the x3 rates we could replace for simply a 20% discount.

Please help! Is it possible to create this information AND have a weekly (7day rate) so that the booking system knows if you are booking a weekday block (Mon-Fri) AND a weekend block combined (+Sat/Sun) Then will the app therefore show a price of the two combined BUT with a 20% discount?

Any help on this is greatly appreciated as this is my 3rd attempt at rectifying this issue!

Many thanks,


Following, Wix hotel does not give API access on Velo… so… you may only do edits on setting OR code your own hotel booking system.

Thank you!