Vertical Menu - Responsive Sub Menu


I’m building a new site in Wix Studio for a client. I have a vertical menu in the footer of the website, which has drop down elements. On mobile, I want it to be collapsed and then when the submenu is dropped it pushes everything down, but it’s not allowing me to do that? It just keeps the height the size of the full menu, leaving a massive gap. Has anyone else had this issue / any solutions? It seems like it should be quite an easy thing to do.

Hey @_darragh :wave:

Make sure you set the height for the footer to be the size needed it in its ‘collapsed’ form, i.e. smaller than what you actually see in the editor when it is in expanded mode. Do so by simply selecting the footer and placing the relevant height number in the Inspector:

This is what should displayed after setting a ‘smaller’ height ->>Here