Video quality

Dear Wix Community,

I have a problem with videos on my website. I actually want a header slider that goes almost across the whole screen. I tried it with the sliders from Wix but that didn’t work so well. Now I wanted to do this as a video where the images were cut together in an external program, so that they create a slideshow by themselves. I tried it with just these images as a video, a 4K video and a HD video.(all in the format of the header section) In all three videos, the quality is very poor although I have them in the cutting program extra formatted to the size of the header section.

I hope you understand my problem and I have explained it reasonably well.

I would appreciate an answer guys :)))



We would have to take a look to see the video file and the difference between it and the one on the live site. You could also try to export the video as different file types.

For us to investigate, can you please share with us the exported video file and a link to your site so we can take a look?

You can submit a bug report via the help in the topbar of the Editor.


First of all thank you for your answer!

Here is the link to the page where I uploaded my videos.

on the Left is the Video uploadet in Editor x and on the right is the video I have not yet uploaded to editor x.

I hope you can see the difference.

(Under this link are two other videos with other resolutions. Where the quality is not good anyway.)

What file types do you mean? Or which would go to upload in wix?

Looking forward to your answer.

Kind regrads