View member uploaded files & upload a document for member

Hello Guys,

I’m developing a website, which allows members of my website to upload documents. I’m storing members info in one collection(called “members”) and uploaded documents in another collection(memberDocuments) both are connected by memberId.

Now i’m looking to create an administrative page in which i want to display members and search for members functionality. Once member is selected, i want to display all the files uploaded by members so that my website admin’s can view/download and admin’s can able to upload a file for member. If admin uploaded a file for a particular member, it will be stored in memberDocuments collection like other files uploaded by members.

I had access to Wix code also. Any references or examples on how we can achieve this? Any kind of help is really helpful. Thank you so much!

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Hi there,
First of all you can see a video about administrative page and displaying databases here .
At the moment you can’t view/download files using wix code but you can open a feature request here .
to upload files you can use a regular insert with the member’s id or name.
Good luck.

I run a travel agency and I wanted to upload each company’s travel documents (vouchers, invoice and receipt) to their member area, is this possible yet? Also , is there an app for support tickets, I want to have one just like the wix support ticket system, for when a member requests changes to a booking. Please let me know asap. Thank you.

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To have a support system like Wix’s, you can use Wix Answers (if this is what you were referring). For uploading fields, you can check out our app market to find an app that suits your needs, Dropbox for example. There’s no option to upload documents to the members area. You can ask this as a feature request here .

Have a good day,

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Universal Tax Filing, were you ever able to get this issue to work, kinda in the same boat currently and just asking if you got it to work and how you were able to. thanks