Weird bugs with the editor

First off, total novice here!
I’m currently working on making a timeline website for a certain anime story, with pictures and text.

However, for the past week, I’ve been encountering some weird bugs with the editor where whenever I’m loading a page, one out of three times, random spaces that I don’t want between elements of the timeline will appear, forcing me to load back a previous version of the website because it would take me too long to put everything back where it should be. Here’s an example (I guess I should warn for Attack on Titan anime spoilers) :

Some other bugs include the inability to use the little handle with the arrow to slide elements up when I select multiple elements, now I have to associate them. And even then it doesn’t always work as it should, when I try to slide it, nothing happens and then I can’t move any elements anymore, they just go back to their previous place.

Does anyone else have these problems or an idea of what could cause them? I thought it could maybe be because of the number of elements on the page but then again, I never had these problems before this past week.

Questions of this nature should be directed to Wix Customer Care . Understand that this forum is not a support site, and is not monitored for bugs or system issues. Please report bugs to Wix Customer Care to ensure timely handling of your problem. They track and monitor all incoming issues and will escalate bugs to product teams.

Will do, sorry for that!