Where did 'KB Accessibility' go?

In this post https://www.wix.com/code/home/forum/questions-answers/tab-to-next-field-in-user-inputs keyboard acc. is mentioned. I am almost sure that option existed, but now I only can select ‘Visual Indicators’. Am I missing something?

Hi Giri,
Do you refer to this article?
You can find all the accessibility articles here .


I see in my notifications that Thai put in a response and the question holds 1 comment, but I see nothing here. Was this the work of the Great Post Deleter again, or is it me? I need this answer.

Hi Giri,
Sorting the elements now occurs automatically, no need to click anything :slight_smile:


Liran, since when? Because in my form (with almost all fields stacked vertically, but where the Top2Bottom/Left2Right paradigm should suffice), tabbing thru it, still makes the focus jump around in an illogical way.

I see…
Unfortunately, this is not related to Wix Code.
Can you please take it with Wix Support ? I believe they can be of a better assistance.