Why isn't there a forum for general Wix (non Velo) questions??

I was researching an issue I was having with the Wix Editor and, fortunately, I found the answer on this forum. However, the person who answered commented: “Just note that as this isn’t to do with Wix Corvid and related to code on your page, that it really should have gone through the contacting Wix Support route and them advising you how to do it.”

Why? Why on earth is there not a general Wix forum for non Velo/Corvid questions? Why does everything have to go through contacting support? The user above may have known this wasn’t the right forum, but didn’t feel he had any other place to ask. I know exactly why. Wix Support is often uninformed about Wix Editor questions. The last time I contacted them for a question the super nice guy took 42 minutes, yes, 42 minutes to resolve my question, and with my help. We solved it together. The poor guy commented “if this had been a billing question, I could have given you the answer in 2 minutes.” It’s not my only lengthy call with a super nice Wix Support person, just the longest one. In contrast, with the issue I mentioned above, it took me less that 5 minutes to get the answer I needed by searching this forum.

I am not the only user with this frustration. I know for a fact people come to this forum and ask questions knowing it’s not a general Wix forum: they say so. And, no, there are not other forums that work. The various Facebook groups and other supposed Wix general support groups that may exist do not answer questions; I have posted several there and not one has gotten a response.

I have asked this question of multiple Wix support people and none of them have given me an answer. It is not only mystifying, but a huge drawback to using Wix. It’s the only experience I’ve had with a software or online tool where a forum does not exist for users. And although Wix is a very good tool in many respects, I’m very very disappointed with this fact and my support experience.

Why does Wix not support a forum for general Wix (non Velo) questions?


Besides being a forum for hiring professionals, that forum’s rules explicitly state “This is not a Wix Support group.”