Why so Slow?

If you clicked this post to see something about page speed you are in wrong post. Because Wix sites loads fast unlikely sites their team is so slow to bring updates!

I’m using Wix for so many years (8+ years) and I’m also a Partner for 2+ years. Usually Wix was getting updated in almost every month. New features new things and more!

Since January I didn’t see so many update and problem is there is tons of things needs to updated.

Change your priority about updates. Editor X is still in BETA and needs very important but very basic things.

I’m pretty sure that most of the Editor X users are not new to Wix they were already Wix users which means they were using classic editor. I want to switch Editor X only a few basic reason blocking me to do this:

1. So expensive Wix was very cheap against other providers. (yearly prices)
50€/m is quite expensive it’s for EU thanks to Wix so they are providing prices in my currency with local pricing.

50€ is about 750-800 TRY (₺) and it’s 4/1 of average salary :slight_smile:
With local pricing it’s 190₺ and when you buy it monthly it’s 230₺ and it’s still expensive for most users. It would be very good to see a little cheaper prices at least for us in Turkey.

2. Elements and Apps from classic editor to Editor X (VERY IMPORTANT)
Before you release new features please please bring existing elements and apps to Editor X at least only elements. Maybe bringing apps is harder but please bring all existing elements to Editor X so we can easily switch to Editor X.

I’m looking for redesign and almost every single page of my websites need custom elements (JS HTML CSS code) to create same page in Editor X.

3. Bugs but not unexpected because of BETA
There is a lot of small bugs I’m reporting them but I see them almost always again.

Before you guys release new features just focus to these updates please because it’s very hard to switch to Editor X from classic Wix editor.

Editor X is here for years but still we don’t have features that exist on classic editor for years…


Couldnt agree more, the speed is atrocious for Editor X. Its becoming very difficult to develop websites with the lag

Thank you very much for this topic! Everything you say agrees with what I think… Wix is slow, slow in adding features / bug fixing, the editor is slow (it’s really not optimized for browsers…)

I don’t understand why wix editor is lagging… wix team wake up! There are several threads on this forum complaining about slow/non-existent updates… Maybe the Wix team lacks a developer… simply ?

So many questions that need answers…