Wix Code and Wix Store Interaction

I must say, I’m amazed with WIX CODE, it was about time, excellent job guys!

I hope you can enlighten me on how to do this: I have a WIX STORE up and running and my first challenge with WIX CODE is to register all of my customers before they can buy anything from it and to have access to my WIX STORE database programmatically.

Thanks to WIX CODE, I now can create a beautiful user registration form and store everything in my own Database, this part won’t be an issue…. The problems are:

ONE: I need each one of these previously registered customers to LOG-IN before they can do any purchase from my WIX STORE. They won’t’ be allowed to buy anything unless they are registered, approved and logged-in.

TWO: I need to capture each one of my customer’s purchases, user, what they bought and also the price so I can then store this information in the same Customer Registration Database.

I know I have the purchase’s records in my WIX STORE, but this is a Black Box I cannot access programmatically. I need to have these data in my own database so I can do all kinds of calculations on the fly.

By using WIX CODE, is there a way to achieve ONE and TWO?
Thank you!

Hi Luigino,
thanks for the feedback - it makes us very happy to have such engaged users!

As for the Qs, here you go:

  1. doable. you can add logic to your onReady() function that does whatever checks your site requires (i.e. the user is logged in, has been confirmed, etc).
    if the user does not meet the criteria, pop up a lightbox that explains the missing requirements, or use Wix Location API to route to another page in the site.
    You can also stay on the same page, and use the $w API to disable / hide / collapse any parts of the page you don’t wish the user to have access to.

  2. Integration with wix stores (as well as other verticals, such as contact management, bookings, …) is on our roadmap. unfortunately at this time wix-stores remains a black box.

hope this helps and keep on wix-coding!


I hope we could access the wixstore freely so that we could customize it using wixcode. that is the only thing that limits us. i thought with wix code you can create your website with no limits.

Wix Stores API is now available in some ways. But now all functions, you can not modify pricing and you can’t access the Orders Data Collections. You can though access the Products and Collections read Only.

All Wix verticals to Wix Code will be done in the future but it is still a huge project for every vertical. I create large projects with Wix Code and I feel I can do basically anything with no limits. BUT if I use some vertical app like Bookings, Events or others there are limits. But except that there are very little limits for me.

Andreas, I’ve been reading the forum for a while. Could you confirm that Products and Collections are READ ONLY even from “inside”, so there’s no way I can use wix-data insert() to insert a record there?. Thanks for your time , patience and dedication to help other people.

Did you get an answer for this?

I have not been able to get a response for the threads I created related to the below issue so I thought I’d try here and connect with someone who can possibly have an answer.

Wix Stores → Since there is no way to select multiple product option values (i.e Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) I created values to select how many items they want to buy. (No I do not want to use the default quantity value since there is no “ALL” option")

Then I created a required Custom Text Field so the user has to manually type and define the options. (i.e if they buy 3 of the same item then they type in the options Red, Blue, Yellow) (it’s pretty primitive but I am burned out on looking for a code solution for this.)

Now I want to customize the product page so I can make all this clearer and cleaner with my design. However, the custom product page dataset is Read only" and doesn’t allow connecting an input field to the customTextField field in the store database.
Please someone advice.