Wix database to googlesheets

I tried creating a zap for my wix to googlesheets but unable to so now. I was able to do it before from the wix automation where it has option to connect to zapier but it doesnt seem to have that option anymore. is it not available anymore from wix?

Already have seen the new VELO/CORVID-Packages???

@russian-dima thanks for this info. have you used this integration?

Not yet.

Be aware that the Velo Google Sheets Package has limited type support (e.g. no dates). Also, it cannot update existing rows. Zapier has an update function, but it needs a row number to do so. If a user manually deleted a row, you will be updating the wrong one.
The best one yet (apart from doing it hardcore against Google Sheets) is Integromat (a Zapier on steroids). They have a good update function. But, like Zapier, you will need to use their webhook, send data to it using fetch, etc. But it’s very powerful.