Wix Editor Crashing?

Anyone else having issues with their Editor crashing? This keeps happening to me. Using Chrome, most up to date, pretty much a brand new computer. So, I think this is on Wix’s end?


Hi David,
I’m not seeing any issue.
Anyway, this is probably not related to Wix Code, so I would go through deleting cookies and if that’s not helping, contacting Wix Support .


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I have had multiple warnings from Safari on Mac that it is using up a lot of memory (2 separate computers). And yes, sometimes, it crashes the tab and Safari needs to reload it.

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I am having the same issue on a new IMac using Safari. It always crashes while I am editing, sometimes not even keeping the saves I have made. It is very annoying :frowning:

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I am having this same issue. It’s happening only when I’m using Google Chrome. Everything is updated, so I then have to switch to Internet Explorer.


My Wix Editor crashes constantly when I have Wix Code tools on (especially the properties panel and especially when I am in Chrome), it also moves very slowly when it is on. It’s terrible - is there something I can do to help my site? I have a brand new computer with a ton of memory so I think it is on Wix’s side. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Mine is crashing or freezing up completely everyday. Haven’t been able to edit much at all. Are they going to fix this?!?


My editor keeps crashing every few minutes when i am in the expand window editing , and on top, my custom fonts are not displayed correctly. Anyone with same problem?

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Hello Guys,
I am having the same issue (as in the original post and original attached image) since 1 week. I contacted wix support and they asked me to clear the browser cache first. Then it didn’t worked. Then they asked me to clear the DNS cache in Windows. Now the frequency of crash is reduced but the crash is still hapohappe. I would recommend people with problem to contact wix support as then they will have more examples to debug the issue. BTW the crash is only happening in chrome. Firefox is working fine.


Well here is my latest situation… downloaded Firefox, starts to work fine but some expansion or fonts are not showing up, so i downloaded Chrome for mac and now it works so smoothly. Safari wont hold up more than 3 minutes when i work. Hope this can help anyone who has the same probem. By the way i cleared all the cookies on Safari and didnt help at all.

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It keeps crashing. Pages stop working properly. I sooooo regret doing my website with this WIX crap :angry:

Editors crashes all the times. Several times a day. Mostly my changes are saved, but this is extremely annoying. I use Wix Code and a lot of javascript on the page. It seems to be related to the Wix live code analysis. If I write a mistake in a JSON object, even if for a second before fixing it, the editor will have higher chances to crash in the following couple of minutes.

Same here

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July 2019 and It keeps crashing *Safari, Chrome and Firefox… but …there’s no solution yet?

Same problems on me (chrome). Annoying !!

September 2019 and still having the same problem on chromebook… no other websites seem to make my laptop freeze and crash/restart like this

October 2019, The same problem with Chrome Browser.

Yes, same with me in Chrome on my Mac, but it is usually after I’ve been editing for about an hour. As for Safari, I gave up on that my first week using it because as another member stated above, I too get multiple warnings from Safari on Mac that it is using up a lot of memory. I haven’t tried Firefox yet. And, I routinely (after every use) clear my history, cache, cookies, etc.

My Wix editor literally disappears everytime my cursor touches this one certain webpage. How do I resolve this issue? (Mind you, I’ve used both Chrome and IE and the error happens on both the browsers)

This issue is to do with the Wix Editor itself when using it on your web browser.

It is not a code related issue and therefore should not be in the Wix Corvid Forum as it is not connected to code that you have used on your page.

If you require more help with this issue then please contact Wix Support.

Look at the Wix Support pages too.