WIX invoices not compliant with invoice requirements in Europe

Hi everyone,

I’m encountering a significant issue with Wix Invoices that I hope someone might have a workaround for.

Challenge: In Europe, it’s a legal requirement for invoices related to goods or services provided within the EU to include the customer’s VAT identification number. However, I’ve noticed that Wix Invoices doesn’t support adding additional fields, specifically for the “Customer info” section. This limitation seems to make Wix Invoices non-compliant with European invoicing regulations.

Question: Has anyone else faced this challenge? If so, have you found a workaround to include the customer’s VAT ID on your invoices using Wix?

Any advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated. We need to ensure our invoices adhere to EU legal standards.

I have also created a ticket with WIX support, but not holding my bread lol…


I hope you find a long-term solution to this :pray:. I haven’t personally used the invoices feature too much, but would adding the customers VAT ID in the “Notes” section of the invoice be a workable solution?

Not ideal, but a potential solution for the short term? Hopefully the ticket you have open proves useful :muscle:

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Hey Noahlovell,

Adding on the notes works for manual invoices but it takes away the automatic invoices function which is not acceptable.

A big selling point I use with my customers is the ability to automate their work, but this takes it away.

I hope indeed that WIX support will come up with a solution.


Quick update: I got an utterly meaningless answer from WIX support, basically telling me that their system was compliant and they would consider my feedback for the future…

I researched this before I logged the ticket; trust me, I wish I were wrong, as it would mean that the system is working well and I could tell my European customers that it is working, but I did my research, and it is evident that WIX support didn’t do theirs.

I understand that all software is a “work in progress”, so there will be gaps, and it will take time for them to be solved as new gaps come up; it is normal, but being told that there is no gap is truly concerning, as this means that the decision-makers at WIX are not being made aware of the gaps.

I don’t mean to just complain. That serves no purpose. Still, I hope that the WIX people who monitor this forum have a way of communicating these gaps to leadership.


We’re always sharing feedback with the relevant teams at Wix, so I’ll be sure to pass this on too.

I’ve sent you a DM to get some more details. When you have a chance, can you take a look? :pray: