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Posting this to hear other Wix Partners’ thoughts.
Ever since Wix updated prospect clients’ project submission flow, the information I see in the leads is extremely minimal. Almost all of them have no brief summary or details as to what the project is. In the past my responses to leads were carefully tailored to the particular project submissions that used to outline the project request. This naturally helped engaging the prospect client and bringing them on board.

Ideally submitting a website request to wix should reinforce much more detailed project outline for the client. This simply helps us:

  1. with our work flow,
  2. with the way we should response,
  3. having the client understand some of the project outline basics and possibly the scope and the budget relevant to their request

I am just curious if it is just me who feels like this is a very poorly thought out process. Not to mention the ratio of lead responses I receive has declined drastically no matter how I try different templates. As I mentioned previously, I like customizing my messages based on the project lead summary but this is impossible when the lead has no info.

Love to hear your thoughts.



I agree that this process is broken, but I can also understand why it is like it is.

A way to think about it is on your website you would have a contact form to get in touch for a project, but you may not require them to add details because they may not even know what they need, which is part of our job to guide them through the process of understanding. The key to all of this is getting their contact information and reaching out to inquire.

The one thing that I do wish they would add is for a required dropdown select field with budget ranges in it (broad enough ranges of course), and allowing the partners to select which budget ranges they want to receive leads for. Even though this may mean fewer total leads, it also means more qualified leads and fewer business owners being denied due to the pricing being too high for their budget. The argument that I’ve heard is that everyone would select the cheapest possible option, which I believe is 100% untrue for the clients I want to work with.

I think the program will evolve eventually, as most of Wix’s ecosystem has over the years. Throwing too many variables into the mix too early on in a product is never a good idea, but I think it is good we provide them feedback that they can utilize to improve the experience for clients & partners.

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Thanks for your response.
Good points.
The one thing is that discussing the budget should never be the first thing or an option. Every project has unique requirements and different amount of contents.
I agree with throwing too many variables in too early. Yet, how do we increase the client response rates?I used to get 20-30% responses. Have not changed anything and now it is pretty much 5%. The only thing that changed is the project submission form.

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Of course.

My response to that is, every business owner/individual has (or should have) an amount budgeted for the marketing/branding expenses they are willing to take on to solve the problem they are having. Obviously asking for a very specific number would be impractical, but a fairly broad range would do the trick.

Budget is a critical consideration in the ‘qualification’ of a lead. Wix says on their partner program benefits that their algorithm will match you with the most qualified lead, yet 50% of the qualification is left out (50% being the partner’s capability of completing the project requirements & the other 50% being within the budget of the client).

As far as your response rate goes, I would try to do a little bit of research on the client before sending them a message. Most of the leads we’ve gotten are business owners, therefore typically have LinkedIn which will point you to their website and from there you should be able to see what the problem is, or at least gain the ability to establish rapport with an initial email.

Do you call the ones who leave their phone numbers, or do you strictly email them?

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This is some good information.
My leads never come with LinkedIn or any other info. They are as plain as a lead can be. Just a name and the note that says “Advanced website”. This brings me back to my point. If wix made contact info a requirement with social links and existing website etc. then naturally I’d do my research.
I don’t call the client unless if they mentioned it in their lead. I offer a phone call to discuss the project to every lead thou.
Thanks for your responses.

I have seen my response rate drop drastically as well @info52 . I was chalking it up to automation issues that we’ve been seeing with lead emails, but it does also make sense that it aligns with the lower barrier to entry for information being required. They may not necessarily care as much to continue.

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