Wix-members area emails flagged as phishing


This is a major problem. All our customers who are using Microsoft Office365 are reporting that the emails sent out when users try to:

  • Reset their password
  • Get confirmation when we manually reset their password

Gets blocked by Microsoft as phishing. Is WIX working on fixing this any time soon? Our clients see this as a major security risk and will not whitelist the domain *site-members.*com , the problem is that emails are not following the expected security standards.

In this state the members area is almost useless. The only way we can help our users to get access if they forget their password is to delete their account and let them register from scratch loosing all their historical data.

Note that this forum is dedicated to Velo. Your question should be directed to Wix Customer Care , as they will be better able to address your concerns.

The only reply i got from them was to whitelist the adress. Which is not a solution.

Maybe there is a code-woraround to use custom password reset flows with custom domains and emails?

Isn’t the Members Area part of Velo code base?

Workaround is NOT to use wix email services. You can use SendGrid or Zapier(I use it) - something that only made for email services - and most are not free

SendGrid example: https://www.wix.com/velo/forum/tips-tutorials-examples/example-send-email-with-the-sendgrid-rest-interface

However, you cannot send a custom password reset email by not using wix…

That sounds super interesting. Would i need to replace the whole members area. or is it possible to integrate this only for all the email flows. eg. registration, password rest, notifications etc that are now triggered by the members area code base? Sorry if I’m not explaining this correctly in technical terms.

So basically I’m stuck :smiley:
Maybe we can incorporate SSO?