Partner Program Updates: Everything you need to know!

We had MAJOR updates during the round table this week. There were a lot of changes. You can read all the changes in our blog post here or watch the round table below.

If you have any further questions go ahead and drop them below.


Hi Brett, my already submitted sites still say ‘loyalty-points-history-page-box-not-supported’ can you please tell me how to change this? I would like these sorting before I submit any other sites. Thank you Tanya

Can you share a picture of this?

of course

Any solutions?

Okay. This is not what you are supposed to see. Let’s open a priority ticket through your dashboard, and let’s make sure it gets tracked.

Will do. Thanks Brett

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Hey @brett , @sheyla , @stevenjose and the greater WiX community! I missed the live discussion but think I’m all up to speed. One thing I’m wondering is what happens to existing sites on older plans? Are we to expect an increase in price or will they be ‘grandfathered-in’ to an updated plan? I hope everyone’s day is brilliant!

A premium is a premium. :slight_smile:

Just have to say other than loosing my revenue share which I was patiently waiting for while eligible, I am LOVING the new features! especially the custom branding experience for the clients :smiley: Looking forward to my first call with my account manager with my new Icon level. Being a Wix Partner has changed my life and I love the ride!

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THANKS WIX I already feel like a partner, but I can’t find the link to be able to send my sites in which I am a contributor, I am very anxious to go to my next level. Where can I find the link to send the sites I am a contributor to?

Hi! Have you tried following the instructions here ?


Thank you very much Wix, now I am the official partner of wix, I am very happy about that, although I go again to present this new case, it is not possible to attach my brand in the system as I show it in the video, I also have a suggestion because I I would love for some of my collaborators to manage my marketplace because this would alleviate tons of work hours, in fact I currently have a person doing that work for me from my account that I am sure is not ideal.

How often do you update partner levels. I have 20 premium plans and am looking forward to advancing to the next level.

Hey Cathy! You can take a look here and also here :wink:

I did. It won’t let me submit any of them. I currently have 21 premium plans, but Wix is only calculating 16 of them.

What do you do when WIX support gets you hanging for a week ( “our team is investigating this”) when you ask them to fix the “loyalty-points-history-page-box-not-supported” error" you have in your account and then you get the reply:

I mean seriously, is Support by any mean connected to what’s really going on with the system. We know there is a problem with those sites we submitted back when the program started and we were encouraged to submit all our sites for approval by clients – and all those sites, although we manage them and are premium, are stuck with that error message “loyalty-points-history-page-box-not-supported” – they have no way to get deleted and then resubmitted to the new and now working point system – nor we can resubmit those sites.

I mean, seriously, how can we fix this issue of all those sites we submitted and got that error on them while they are in our account, we are actively working on them as contributors and are all premiums?

I feel bad for keep asking about it but shouldn’t be some way that allows us to DELETE those sites with error so we can resubmit them to the now working system?

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I keep trying to submit my additional websites so that I can go to the next level, but I keep getting an error message. Please, please help!

Hi Hidemi, I have the same message. Before the changes some of my sites couldn’t get approved for various reasons, these were deleted on my dashboard by WIX and the points were adjusted manually. WIX, can you not use the same method for sites that say “loyalty-points-history-page-box-not-supported”?

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